What's What

What's the timeline? The timeline allows you to see price trends for your certified issues, when comparing their price increase/decrease against various media events. A media event can be the release of a comic book related movie, TV show, or even a movie trailer. An example would be, if you wanted to see how your Flash #105, CGC 9.4 issue, varied in price during the time the Flash TV show was airing on the CW network.

So, how do you actually use the timeline? The media events are added into the site automatically, so you don't have to worry about them. If you see any media events that are missing and you would like them added, you can just email us. When you are on the site and haven't logged in yet, you will see the timeline displayed with a number of popular issues, for you to play with, but, which have nothing to do with your collection. Once you log in, you will actually see, only certified issues from your collection, which you have correctly setup.

How do you correctly setup certified issues, in order for them to be visible on the timeline? You select any issue from your collection and update it to be a certified issue (CGC, PGX, etc.), if it's not one already. Then, you will need to use the ebay auction price feature to derive an auction price for that issue. You'll need at least two historical ebay auction sales, for an issue, in order for it to appear on the timeline. Once an issue is properly setup for the timeline, it will appear in the list of certified issues, right below the graph. At this point, you can select up to 12 issues at a time, to be plotted on the graph, together. If you don't have any certifide issues setup in your collection, or they are incorrectly setup, the timeline graph will not show. Instead a message will be displayed with a brief explanation, as to why the graph is not showing.